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Become A Referee:

To become a referee, one needs to take an official USSF referee clinic and pass the test. All USSF classes use trained and registered instructors. Once this year's registration fee (payment due upon class signup), the class is taken, the test passed, the USSF badge is recognized throughout the country.

Referee Class sign up are now handle online at the page. You will be instructed where to log into the CNRA Game Officials site, logging in (as existing or New User) then navigating through the Course and Entry Level (Grade 8) course links. A list of upcoming referee classes will be displayed. Selection on in your area in a timeframe that works for you and complete the information needed. ALL CLASSES ARE OPEN TO ALL STUDENTS.

Referee Grades Explained:

The two "starter" grades are 8 or 9. Other requirements must be met to move up to Grade 7 or above. Contact the DDI (see below) for more information about that or visit the CNRA Upgrade site.

USSF Grade 8 Referee
The Grade 8 clinic consists of six (6) 3-hour sessions, for a total of eighteen (18) hours of instruction. Attendance at all sessions is required for successful completion of the course. Upon successful completion of the course, candidates may register as Grade 8 Referees with the United States Soccer Federation for a registration fee.

USSF Grade 9 Recreational Referee
The USSF Grade 9 Recreational Referee may officiate games as either a Referee or Assistant Referee on recreational youth games for under-14 and younger only. They may not officiate older ages, competitive youth matches (Class 1), or adult matches. For the latter matches, you must be at least a Grade 8 Referee. The Grade 9 clinic consists of a one-day eight-hour class. Upon successful completion of the course, candidates may register as Grade 9 Recreational Referees with the United States Soccer Federation for a registration fee.

NOTE: Bridge from Grade 9 to Grace 8 MUST have a Grade 9 for 365 days before a Grade 8 upgrade or Grade 8 course can count for an upgrade.

"Fun Runs" are the physical tests that Grade 7 and above referees need to do each year to maintain their grade. Grade 7 and above must also pass their written test each year. We usually give that just after the Fun Run has completed.


A newly updated document is being distributed by the U.S. Soccer National Referee Program office to all state associations for their use in training new referees. It is intended to supplement, not replace, the materials given to referees who have just complete their entry level clinic into the referee, assistant referee, and recreational referee grades.

The focus of this document is to provide information in a compressed format on matters which are of concern to new officials but which are not straight “laws of the game” knowledge. All the topics discussed (handling coaches, participating in the pre-game meeting, getting assignments, developing confidence, etc.) are clearly covered in the clinics we run to certify new officials. Experience has shown, however, that having a concise, summarized guide for these matters will provide opportunities for our new referees to study and refresh their recollection of our training even after the class is over.

USSF recommends that “Information for New Referees” be distributed to everyone completing the entry level clinics. The final page of the document is provided so that students may fill in contact information for anyone who might be able to provide assistance to them in their first several seasons.

For League that wants to Request a Clinic:

Leagues that wish to schedule a clinic need to send a completed version of the DIII Referee Course Request form below to the District Director of Instruction (see form). One form per clinic request please as they are handled separately. To order books for a League hosted Referee clinic, use the forms and send to the District Director of Instruction (see form). When a class is formed, the roster and referee information must be entered into the Course Roster.

DIII Referee Course Request Form (.doc) (.pdf)

DIII Referee Course Book Order Form (.doc) (.pdf)

DIII Referee Course Roster Form (.xls)

Once a referee Grade clinic has completed:

  • The completed roster file is emailed to the DDI

  • The completed and signed referee registration form and test answer sheet for every student that passed is delivered to the DDI (can be by league or instructor as agreed upon)

  • Payment for the referee registrations are sent to the DDI


District III Director of Instruction:

Mike Coffey
3325 Hudson Place, Fremont, CA 94536



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