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District Referee Coordinator: Simon Yeo

Director of Instruction: Mike Coffey

Director of Assessment: Van Henson

District Young Referee Assignor: Jeff Smith









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Referees need to re-register EVERY Year consecutively to keep in good standing.

2018 USSF RE-REGISTRATION (updated 7/26/13)

Early Re-Registration for the 2018 Season is now available. All current 2017 referees are to re-register online prior to December 31, 2017 via the site to ensure they are licensed to referee at the begining of the 2018 season. (Be sure to update ALL personal information to ensure you receive email notifications and materials to your current or preferred mailing address.) CNRA encourages registration NOW so you are more likely to receive your 2018 materials (Badge, Law Book and Registration Card) prior to the 2018 season.

NEW REFEREES NOTE: **New Referees that took their Final Test, for their Entry Level Course on or before June 31st of 2017 ARE required to renew their registration for 2018. **New Referees that took their Final Test for their Entry Level Course on or after July 1st are CURRENTLY already registered for the 2018 Season and do not have to re-register at this time. Registration Information and Directions can be obtained by visiting the CNRA website at: Should you still need additional assistance visit CNRA Registrar Contact Information at:

If you are unable to register online, Mail-In Paper registration is allowable if: *You do not have a credit card, or *You do not have means to electronically submit records or documents of your requirements to maintain or upgrade your current license and instead must submit paper documents. Instructions for Mail-In Registration can be obtained at:

Emailed by: Chris Elliott, CNRA Registrar


LAWS OF THE GAME 2017-2018

The new Laws of the Game (LOTG) for 2017-2018 are now available. [click here for LOTG 2017-18 and the Interpretation of the Laws]

Other useful documents:

Referee Administrative Handbook 2016-2017

Advice to the Referee "ATR" 2015-2016

Advice for NEW Referees 2016

Guide to Procedures for Referees, Assistant Referees, and Fourth Officials 2016-17

Region IV Young Male Referee of the Year 2017

Kyle Wiest



What to wear one of these officially?

Get trained to become a soccer referee! Sign up for a course today on our Instruction page or check on your city's referee association. Referee can take a course anywhere that fits into one's schedule.

  • Earn $$$

  • Keep Fit!

  • Know the Laws of the Game

NEW REFEREES should see the USSF New Referee document for useful information getting started.


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